Kitchen Designs

Popular Kitchen Designs

Kitchens come in an astonishingly large number of designs and styles. While redoing your kitchen or starting it from scratch, it is important you hire professional help or gather considerable knowledge about the various kitchen designs. Simply knowing what kind of looks you prefer in kitchen designs from modern to a more classic look can make things easier while choosing a specific style. Remember that kitchen designs can be very expensive so you want to get it right the first time. You do not want to have to go back to scratch with kitchen designs.

Though mixing and matching styles can help create a unique look for your kitchen, it must be well thought-out since redesigning a kitchen can be a costly affair! Here are some of the popular kitchen designs for your knowledge and consideration:

Contemporary kitchen designs are modern, minimalist and geometric. Molding and other ornamentation is entirely avoided and horizontal lines and asymmetry rule the style. Natural materials are also substituted by manmade materials; so instead of wooden cabinets expect to see stainless steel, glass, concrete, chrome, lacquer and laminate in contemporary kitchen designs.

Contemporary kitchen designs have been prevalent since the 1940s in Europe especially Italy, Germany and Scandinavia. Most of the following are expected in contemporary kitchen designs:

1.Oversized hardware and frameless cabinets.

2.Cabinets are made of largely stainless steel, white laminate or subtle woods such as birch, ash or maple.

3.The cabinet doors are styled as horizontal lift-ups or slabs.

4.Counters and cabinets are curved and the glass inserts may be frosted.

5.All accents are metallic, primarily stainless steel. The look and feel of contemporary kitchen designs is a bit on the stark side but also has an air of elegance.

Rustic kitchen designs have a regional American flair to them, the Pacific Northwest for example. Other designs will mostly resemble a lodge or a log cabin. Most of the following make up a rustic kitchen:

1.Ceilings have beams and the paneling is wooden.

2.Cabinets and other wood used would be knotty pine, hickory and alder woods.

3.Leather pulls

4.The color palette consists of warm and rich earthy tones and even reds, greens and yellows dominating the color scheme.

For a log cabin rustic look, try warm cabinetry in knotty pine or alder stained in red, green or yellow. Wide rails and stiles enhance the log cabin rustic kitchen designs. Another commonly found style is the rustic country kitchen designs, warm hickory wood tones on flat panel doors. Hearth style mantle hoods added to hand carved turnings and furniture pieces make the kitchen into a true rustic space. This is one of the truly American kitchen designs.

The Art and Craft kitchen designs are grounded in form and function. With a strong emphasis on craftsmanship, recessed panel doors with thick frames dominate the look. Interesting accents can be provided by contrasting the frame wood or finish to that of the door and panel. Most of the following describe art and craft kitchen designs:

1.Neutral and natural colors.

2.Recessed or inset cabinet panel doors.

3.Rich woods and clean and strong lines throughout the kitchen space.

4.Mullioned glass doors and stained glass windows and light fixtures.

Old world kitchen designs trace their looks to the pre 17th century Europe. Large cooking hearths and distressed, unfitted cabinets describe these kitchen designs best. The raised panel cabinetry is often painted and features cracking, bead board, dish and cup racks, flushed toes and bun feet. Some of the other identifying features are:

1.Stone walls and floors with pewter or copper accents being prevalent.

2.Brick or plaster walls and mosaic tiles.

3.Cabinetry in furniture looks in deep, rich colors.

4.Perhaps the most singularly identifying is that all the appliances are hidden behind panels.

Tuscan is an often seen old world kitchen design with a softer and more feminine look. With the use of natural materials and cabinets painted in white, cream or yellow and browns, the kitchen spaces are usually monochromatic. These kitchen designs are quite soothing and inviting. It evokes images of tradition and warmth while still providing a functional kitchen.